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Electric Boiler Spares

Electric heating Company are recognized as the leaders in the electric heating and hot water industry, and offers a range of electric products to accommodate almost any central heating and hot water requirement.  

From electric Boilers and radiators to electric unvented water cylinders, the products have been designed to be easily installed and user friendly.

You can visit their website at http://www.electric-heatingcompany.co.uk/


4430098 Electric Heating Company Sp00945 Honeywell Flow Sensor
This part fits...
£92.72(inc VAT)
4430108 Electric Heating Company Sp01010 Power Control Board (New)
This part fits...
£224.66(inc VAT)
4430078 Electric Heating Company Sp00878 Power Board Ver. Iv 14.4Kw
This part fits...
£223.64(inc VAT)
4430000 Electric Heating Company Sp00001 Automatic Air-Vent
This part fits...
£36.05(inc VAT)
4430086 Electric Heating Company Sp00891 Panel Psk.P4
This part fits...
£398.74(inc VAT)
4430070 Electric Heating Company Sp00853 Expansion Vessel With Adaptor
This part fits...
£155.34(inc VAT)
4430006 Electric Heating Company Sp00144 Safety Valve 3 Bar
This part fits...
£33.55(inc VAT)
4430038 Electric Heating Company Sp00692 24Kw Power Board
This part fits...
£216.00(inc VAT)


The Electric Boilers Behind The Spares

Electric boilers are a much more recent addition to the heating market with many types still rising in popularity. Electric Boilers are especially useful in areas with no gas mains supply. Rather than buying a boiler and purchasing stored gas or oil you can have a boiler that runs off your electricity supply. Advantages to Electric boilers include increased effeciency as their are no waste gases leaving via a flue as the boiler uses elements to heat the water and doesnt actually create harmful gases. Due to the flue not being required this also makes the appliance more space efficient and in most cases will make the installation costs cheaper than that of a gas counterpart. They also require less maintenance as it is considered to be like any other electrical appliance. Electric boilers are also renowned as being extremely quiet systems

At Direct Heating Spares, as a leading supplier of plumbing and boiler spares for the UK, we strive to help you restore your central heating, system or boiler to full operational efficiency by providing high quality parts, produced by the manufacturers, along with timely delivery and outstanding customer services across the UK. If this is the part you require for your boiler, it is important to take your time and locate your exact boiler using the provided table and filters. Our UK based offices collectively contain over 200 years of spares distribution and boiler spares experience. Please feel free to contact us either by phone or e-mail on the information provided at the bottom of this web page. We have a large array of boiler spares and materials and can help you find part numbers, prices and availability for delivery across the UK. Our distribution warehouse holds over twenty thousand different boiler spares in stock and we have a dedicated purchasing team that ensures our stock levels are maintained to cut down on lead times from ordering direct to any location in the uk. We offer numerous options for delivery and can even offer a next day, pre 12 delivery to most parts of the UK. If the spares you require are showing as out of stock or are not listed on our website, feel free to give our UK based sales team a call and we can advise the total price and how soon we can obtain the item for you.