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Test Equipment

We have a wide range of Test Equipment available here at Direct Heating Spares. Including Flue Gas Analysers, Gas Detection Tools, Multimeters and more. We also stock a range of accessories for your Test Equipment. 

We stock ranges from Kane, Anton, Testo and TPI.

177 results
1640935 Hayes 998715 AC9 Voltage Detector with Torch
(inc VAT)
£15.95(inc VAT)
1640947 Hayes 99.8722 Dt914 Low Cost Multimeter
(inc VAT)
£27.60(inc VAT)
1640945 Hayes 998721 C383 Combustible Gas Leak Detector
(inc VAT)
£157.20(inc VAT)
1640937 Hayes 998716 Dt118 3 In 1 Auto Multimeter
(inc VAT)
£45.60(inc VAT)
2070096 Tpi 100 Digital Multimeter
(inc VAT)
£46.80(inc VAT)
4270116 Regin REGE40 Fused Multimeter Probes
(inc VAT)
£37.20(inc VAT)
2070056 TPI 725A Pocket Gas Leak Detector
(inc VAT)
£55.20(inc VAT)
2340018 Testo 0554 1208 Differential Temperature Set
(inc VAT)
£66.00(inc VAT)
2340050 Testo 510 Pocket Digital Pressure Set With Hose
(inc VAT)
£147.77(inc VAT)
2340021 Testo 0602 0393 Fast Action Surface Probe
(inc VAT)
£130.80(inc VAT)
2340012 Testo 317-2 Gas Leak Detector
(inc VAT)
£114.00(inc VAT)

177 results