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Heat Exchanger

What is a Heat Exchanger?

The boiler heat exchanger is the device that transfers heat from from one medium to another without them coming into direct contact. The heat exchanger will usually be sat above the burner within the boiler and, when ignited, it rapidly heats the water that is pumped through the exchanger for the central heating. A Combi boiler will also have a plate heat exchanger which is used in the boiler to heat water for the Domestic Hot Water system.

1348 results
1333061 Glowworm 801635 Heat Exchanger Door Seal
This part fits...
(inc VAT)
£21.95(inc VAT)
1116824 Baxi 248049 Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger
This part fits...
(inc VAT)
£6.95(inc VAT)
1177990 Ideal 170995 Plate Heat Exchanger Kit Isar
This part fits...
(inc VAT)
£90.00(inc VAT)
2240014 Buderus 8718600021 Heatexchanger Seal
This part fits...
(inc VAT)
£16.25(inc VAT)