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Water Heater Spares

At Direct Heating Spares we have over 100 Gledhill parts available, including Gledhill PCB's, Gledhill Clocks and more.

If you can't find the water heater you are looking for or not sure which part you need call our contact centre on 0330 123 3707.
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2000002 Gledhill Gt153 Dhw Sensor
This part fits...
£23.94(inc VAT)
2000048 Gledhill Gt155 Appliance Control Pcb (Acb) Boilermate
This part fits...
£292.48(inc VAT)
2000097 Gledhill Xb080 Immersion Heater With Xb081 Safety Stat
This part fits...
£67.56(inc VAT)
2000090 Gledhill Xb004 Grundfos 15/50 Pump - 130Mm + 2 X Gt116 Gaskets
This part fits...
£152.42(inc VAT)
2000004 Gledhill Xbo41 Pump Delay Timer Pcb
This part fits...
£62.53(inc VAT)
2000102 Gledhill Xb104 Pump Drive Pcb Gulstream/Boilermate
This part fits...
£62.52(inc VAT)
2000042 Gledhill Gt147 Sac Store Temperature Sensor Gulstream
This part fits...
£25.75(inc VAT)
2000000 Gledhill Gt017 Plate Heat Exchanger With 4 Washers
This part fits...
£107.12(inc VAT)
2000105 Gledhill Xb121 22Mm Ball Type Pump Valve Pulsacoil/Boilermate
This part fits...
£18.23(inc VAT)
2000179 Gledhill Xb146 Hlr6100 E Mech Relay 2 Form A Class 240 V Ac
This part fits...
£13.66(inc VAT)


Heaters - How do they work?

Heaters can be broken down into two different types: water heaters and air heaters. Water heaters tend to come with or without a tank. The water heaters with a tank work very much in the same way as cylinders where the water is let in to the tank and then a series of immersion heaters are used to heat the water before it is pumped out. Tankless water heaters operate by heating the water on demand using a powerful heat exchanger. Using this method, they eliminate the “stand-by” heat loss that you get with a tank.

Air heaters have a variety of different types such as the air source heater and the convection heater. Air source heaters work by extracting the heat from the air outside, this heat is then used to heat water within systems of the house. Convection heaters use convection currents to spread heat around a room and are designed to optimise this process. The design allows air to flow up through the bottom of the heater to the filaments that heat the air. Once it is heated, the air is forced up as it is contained on all sides by the outer shell of the heater. As the hot air rises, more air is pulled in to the bottom by the convection current.

At Direct Heating Spares, as a leading supplier of heating and boiler spares in the UK, we strive to help you restore your central heating, system or boiler to full operational efficiency by supplying high quality parts, produced by the manufacturers, along with excellent customer services and prompt delivery across the UK. Our UK based offices collectively contain over 200 years of spares distribution and boiler spares experience. Feel free to contact us either by e-mail or phone on the details provided at the bottom of the web page.

We have a large array of boiler spares and materials and can help you find prices, part numbers and availability. Our distribution warehouse holds over twenty thousand different boiler spares in stock and we have a dedicated purchasing team that ensures our stock levels are maintained to shorten lead times from ordering direct to any location in the uk. We offer numerous delivery options and can even provide a next day, pre 12 delivery to most parts of the UK.